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  IFPC’s Salt and Light Ministry facilitates a godly balance of family, church and government by promoting citizenship activities within
communities of faith.


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  Lobbying Internship
Are you interested in learning more about and becoming
more comfortable with contacting your elected officials?     With traditional marriage in Iowa under attack your  
communication with lawmakers has never have been    more important, and IFPC wants to help you become comfortable with the process through our lobbying internship.
  For more information on the Lobbying Internship call 1-877-866-IFPC.
  A portion of the Pastors who    stood before over a thousand people in support of marriage.

  Quarterly Salt & Light Awards

  Being salt and light to our culture is a Biblical mandate and like other directives in the Bible it’s one you can pursue individually with success, but one with greater impact s more voices rise up to share the truth. We’d like to thank each of this quarter’s Salt and Light awardees for both their individual stand for marriage and the united voice they represent in Iowa. Rachel Gudiel-Lopez bravely represented pro-family Iowans and the Hispanic community in a column on same-sex marriage she wrote for the Des Moines Register. As a Hispanic minister in her church Rachel also added her voice to those of pastors’ from across the state when she spoke with her husband Santiago at the Iowa Marriage Amendment Rally. Thanks Rachel. IFPC would also like to honor all of the pastors who came forward to stand for the Iowa Marriage Amendment at our Take a Stand for Marriage Rally. While not every Pastor was able to speak your voice was certainly heard when you literally stood for the truth at our March 14th rally.

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