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Strengthening Iowa's Families


IFPC’s legal arm, the Iowa Liberty and Justice Center, defends individuals whose religious liberties are threatened, promotes the sanctity of human life and family values in the legal arena.

Same-Sex Marriage Hearing in Polk County
The lawsuit challenging Iowa’s definition of marriage was heard by a judge for the first time May 4th, signifying the beginning of a long legal battle to protect marriage in our state.

Both sides expanded on arguments presented in their extensive briefs during the hearing. Interestingly, the legislature’s recent passage of a bill amending the civil rights code to include sexual orientation and transgenderism was mentioned in the arguments. The lawyers supporting same-sex marriage pointed to the legislation saying it gives them a platform to change the definition of marriage. However, the Polk County attorney pointed to an amendment in the bill that our friends in the Iowa legislature passed, specifically saying that the bill should not be construed to allow or promote same-sex marriage.

In December 2005, Lambda Legal filed suit against the Polk County Recorder for refusing to grant marriage licenses to six homosexual couples. On April 6, 2007, Alliance Defense Fund, in cooperation with IFPC’s legal arm (Iowa Liberty and Justice Center), filed a friend-of-the-court brief on behalf of 16 state lawmakers seeking to defend DOMA. Read the Brief

Please continue to pray for Judge Hanson as he considers his ruling. Please also be praying that the Iowa Supreme Court would uphold our state’s definition of marriage, as the lawsuit is sure to be appealed to our state’s highest court.

-- May 2006

Christmas Campaign a Success
IFPC's legal arm the Iowa Liberty and Justice Center (ILJC) worked to inform Iowans of their right to say Merry Christmas this year. Through this campaign ILJC informed each Iowa school district of both their employees' and students' rights. ILJC also fielded dozens of calls from for Iowans whose rights were challenged. Attorneys across the state were able to resolve each situation by simply providing religious liberties information to the offending institution.
-- December 2006

ILJC Defends Pro-Life Students
Students across the nation wore t-shirts in support of “National Pro-life T-shirt Day,” but one Des Moines high school student was told to change her shirt or face suspension. Roosevelt High School administrators claim that the t-shirts were disruptive but our attorneys say there's no evidence of a disruption meeting the U.S. Supreme Court's criteria. -- April 29, 2005

IA Supreme Court Dodged Lesbian Divorce Ruling
The Iowa Supreme Court dodged ruling on an appeal from Iowa citizens and lawmakers to overturn a lesbian divorce, saying the plaintiffs didn’t have standing. -- June 17, 2004

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